Our mission is to be the spearhead of the development of the african economy and of DRC in particular trhrough those 3 axes :
1. Business Angels
« TIH » finances qualified entrepreneurs and guide them until they become fully independant and leaders in their fields, thus contributing to the growth and development of the national economy.
2. Asset Management
As every partner is unique and deserves a special attention, we manage personally your assets, assuring you of the best service and support for the best results in terms of management, performance and profitability.
3. Joint Ventures
We strongly believe in working together to achieve the greatest. Joint ventures represent an investment force that links entrepreneurs, visions, countries, nations and lead them to accomplish a common dream ; which can be development, success, profitability… We set up common goals and work hard, hand in hand to achieve them for the benefit of all.
· FCE - Federation of Congolese Enterprises
Member companies of the FCE
Investment Code of the DR of Congo
National Agency for the Promotion of Investments
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